Practicing in Business, Real
Estate and Estate Matters
Estate Planning and Probate
Many individuals underestimate the complexities of their personal holdings.  A simple
will may not adequately preserve your estate for your family.  My job is to help you
navigate the intricacies of the law and how it will impact you and your family.  I will work
with you to create a personalized plan -- one that accurately reflects your wishes for your
future needs and your heirs.
Business Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions
Quality client service
is my top priority.
For business clients, I offer a broad range of experience in the legal specialties associated
with business including business planning, tax law, mergers and acquisitions, and
commercial transactions.  
The purchase of a home, land or business is an important undertaking and it is crucial that
the purchaser have a full understanding of the property, its current ownership, possible
easements or restrictions and its tax status.  I can provide the service that will help protect
you and minimize your risk.
Real Estate Transactions
 I am pleased to announce the
opening of my law practice for
esidents and businesses in the
Crawfordville and Tallahassee

My experience is broad and
varied, and my goal is to provide
my clients with efficient and
quality service.