Cash Deal

If you are purchasing property for cash without a lender, the transaction can often go by faster than you may wish. To protect your interests and your future real estate investment, our staff will guide you through the procedures, conduct a thorough title search, answer any questions you have throughout the process, and coordinate the closing.  

Lender Financing

If you are purchasing a property with the assistance of a financial institution, a lender’s title insurance policy will be issued in conjunction with your loan. We will work directly with your lender to provide any documentation required and, handle all concerns that may arise up to and at the closing process.   

Seller Financing

If your seller has agreed to provide financing for the sale, it is important to document the transaction with the applicable financial instruments, as well as confirm a clear transfer of ownership of the property. We can provide a thorough search of the title history of the property and prepare all the required documents necessary for closing.